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Custom made chin rests

By the end of the project the musicians received custom made chin rests or adjusted commercial models.* During an entire school year each student had used our chin rest testing kit to adjust the height, tilt, angle, shape and position of the chin rest. The custom made chin rest incorporated successful results of the testing kit, with final adjustments to suit the wishes and body of the player, so that each player ended the year with their own unique model of chin rest.


1. Middle of the research: Chin rest from the testing kit with corks to further alter the height and tilt.
2. End of the research: Corks were removed and the desired height and tilt built into the custom made chin rest.

Fine-tuned adjustments were made in all directions: height, tilt, angle, shape and position. Most importantly, the cup of the chin rest was adjusted for size, contour and position within the chin rest design. This improved fit gave the players more security and grip on the chin rest, and decreased pressure and rubbing on the throat.

You can read more about the changes musicians made to their equipment in Musician-stories. *All chin rests for our research were made by Servaas Franssen.

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