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Statement of non-liability

This website is a resource and does not propose a general method. It reports on an education research project conducted with a group of 11 musicians from the Utrecht school for the Arts, Faculty of Music in the Netherlands from November 2003 through June 2004. The goal was to improve performance and comfort by modifying violin and viola chin rests and shoulder rests combined with re-training cramped playing styles using the Alexander Technique. The project procedures and results were specific to each individual musician named in the website. The research supports the conclusion that each musician is unique and deserves to find his or her own informed solutions to equipment and playing problems. The researcher and the Utrecht School for the Arts make no claims about the generality of the results reported here and accept no responsibility for any actions taken or any consequences experienced by those who consult this website. The research was conducted independently of any commercial support or goal. The findings of the research are not intended as a promotion or criticism of any commercial chin rests or shoulder rests or their manufacturers.

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