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This film was compiled from the original footage taken at the beginning and end of the active research period. Before the students began the 8 month educational module they were taped playing 12 musical excerpts chosen to take a snapshot of their technical playing skills. The same 12 excerpts were played and taped after the eight months. During these 8 months, students received lessons in the Alexander Technique to unlearn cramped playing habits while their chin rests and shoulder rests were gradually adjusted to suit each individual.

The students received the sheet music for the excerpts each time five days before taping and received no coaching on the excerpts before the taping sessions. The filmed interviews were originally conducted as an afterthought the day of the final taping. All remarks were spontaneous and unrehearsed. The results were so poignant that we decided to include them here.

This film is intended to show some experiential aspects of participation in the research project. For further practical information please consult the website text.

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