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For short and middle-sized players

Short players often need a violin positioned with the fingerboard more toward the centre or their bows will tend to be crooked and they will have to overstretch the right arm to reach the tip of the bow.


1. Iren tries to reach the tip of the bow with her violin in the old position, too far to the left.
2. She has to overstretch her arm and throw her back backwards to reach the tip.

By squaring off the arm, and leaving the violin in its old position, we can see how out of alignment this violin is to the bow arm:


1. The arm is squared off, but violin is in old position to the left.
2. This causes the bow to be crooked.

Adjusting the position of the violin by angling the fingerboard towards the centre allows the shorter arm to bow to the tip with ease.


1. Completely “squared off
2. The player with shorter arms can now bow to the tip with ease.

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