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Research team and biographies



Researcher: Crissman Taylor

Crissman Taylor

Crissman Taylor is a classical musician with 30 years of professional performance experience. She studied violin at Manhattan School of Music in the class of Raphael Bronstein. As a classical mezzo-soprano she holds degrees in teaching and performance from the NetherlandsUtrecht School for the Arts, Faculty of Music.

Crissman Taylor graduated cum laude fromHarvard University in 1987 with a Bachelor's degree in Social Science. In 1989 she received her license as a teacher of the Alexander Technique from the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique London after completing the required three years full-time study at the Boston Centre for the Alexander Technique (USA). Since 1991 she has been teaching the Alexander Technique at theUtrecht School for the Arts, Faculty of Music, where she founded the Utrecht Alexander Technique Institute for Musicians in 1996.

Crissman Taylor

Alexander Technique Teacher: Wilberd Bakker

Wilberd Bakker is a teacher of the Alexander Technique since 2000 and works at the Utrecht Alexander Technique Institute for Musicians since 2002. He also studied voice at the Amsterdam Conservatory. He is an experienced choir conductor and sang for 10 years as a choir and solo singer in the Nederlands Vocaal Ensemble, and has performed in several musicals. He received a Masters degree in mathematics in 1983 from the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. He was a high school mathematics teacher for almost 20 years before his career change to teacher of the Alexander Technique.



Violin Equipment Technician: Servaas Franssen
(November 7, 1957 October 19, 2006)

Crissman Taylor

Servaas Franssen was a fine wood worker who worked as antique restorer and cabinet maker. He played the violin himself and built up considerable experience in making custom made chin rests through his 10-year cooperation with the researcher, providing chin rests to conservatory students and professionals. He designed and made the Chin Rest Testing Kit for the research project, and developed a new procedure for making custom made shoulder rests.



Web Design, photograpy and video: Vanesa Abajo Pérez (Espresso Media)

Crissman Taylor

Is a new media designer specialized in interactive concepts and visual design. She has plenty of experience leading her own company and has worked for several known companies on international projects.

Vanesa graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2002 with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Science, specialized in Audiovisual Media. In 2003 she obtained an EMMA (European Media Master of Arts) through the Utrecht School for the Arts, Faculty of Art, Media and Technology and the University of Portsmouth.

Audio Technician: Maurik van den Steen

Research Assistant: Monica Sinca

Student Research Team:

Violinists: Violists:
Daniel Lopez Calvo Ian Byrne Brito
Mikel Angel Hernandez Klaartje Schure
Fiona Jansen Monica Sinca

Jorge Montes Martinez


Noelia Climent Miranda


Huug Scholten


Iren Topouria


Willemijn Zwikstra


Additional help:
Transcriptions and editing of interviews:
Persephone Abbott, Monica Sinca, Job den Heeten
Literature search:
Kamala Bain
Website text editing:
Professor Edwin F. Taylor

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