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Research time-table



Preparation: September 2002-August 2003
Review of related research
Research plan, equipment adjustment and educational program plan finalized.
Design and construction of Chin Rest Testing Kit.
Collection of materials for further construction and adjustment of equipment.
Store-bought violin and viola equipment selected, ordered and catalogued.

Educational Research: September 2003-July 2004
September 2003: 11 students sign on to begin project. Initial intake interview of all students.
Beginning of November 2003: Video and audio taping of students playing excerpts, first set of photos
November 2003: Pilot educational program begins.
November and December 2003: Preparatory re-education: 8 weeks of private Alexander Technique lessons and group meetings preceded any equipment changes.
December 2003: Continuation of re-training, Equipment adjustments begin.
March 2004: Halfway reports written by students marking progress and experience.
June 2004: Educational program finishes. Second video and audio taping of students playing same excerpts as in the fall, second photo session, all students extensively interviewed (mini-disk), 4 students re-interviewed on video.

Follow-up: August 2004-June 2005:
Analyses of all documentation of research.
Final development of remaining custom made chin rests for each player.
June 2005: 3rd photo session and follow-up interview of all participants.

Report: July 2005- April 2006
Further analyses of collected documentation.
Creation and revision of website
Completion of plans for development of custom made shoulder rests and a series of chin rests to be manufactured by Wolf Productions.
Editing of playing videos continues.



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