* Measurements given are taken at highest point on chin rest. When the tilt of the chin rest is great, this is also noted. Measurements of the shoulder rest are not included. *

1. Joining the research

Before the research I sometimes had problems in my lower back, especially when I played a lot in orchestra. I wondered if I was holding myself in a bad position. I felt that my violin was hanging too low, not parallel to the floor.

I knew that my problems were not unique because I had spoken in the past to both my violin teacher and other students and asked them about this to try to find a solution. A lot of my friends seemed to have the same unsolved problems.

When I first came to Holland to study and heard about the possibility of joining the research, I was very interested, even though I didn't know anything about the Alexander Technique.

After joining the research, I changed my playing position and now I don't have pain. By changing my equipment and taking the Alexander technique lessons, I can now hold my violin up higher, and my sound has improved. I now play with a more open body shape, which helps a lot.

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