2. Describing the problem

At the time that the project started I didnít have any physical pain anymore. I still had some stiffness in the shoulders and back because I held my violin tight with my shoulders. I also used to shorten my neck, which caused me to have bowing problems. My bow was often shaking, due to this general tension in my neck, arm and shoulder.

The angle of my violin in relation to the bow meant that I had a lot of trouble bowing at the frog, meaning I couldnít bow easily.

During the research I solved a lot of things. I have a new higher chin rest and a slightly different shoulder rest. I don’t need to press with my head or shorten my neck any more when playing. I use also the left hand to balance the violin. My shoulders are much better and I bow much more easily. These changes have a good effect on my sound, and all my technique. I can just play more easily.

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