5. Advice & conclusions

During the research everything in my playing improved. I can play more relaxed, and that gives a broader sound. I got to know my instrument much better, and now I can get more out of it. That wasn’t possible with a cramped left shoulder and a cramped right arm!

My left hand technique miraculously got better when I got rid of the shoulder rest. Now that I use the sponge instead of the shoulder rest, I notice that my left hand fingering is much quicker. Shifting is also easier. The right side of my body works better because my left side works better. With the right hand I can produce more sound. I control the pressure on the bow much better.

I improved my posture. I found my balance, and that helped me to find my instrument in reference to my body. The relationship between the instrument and myself is a flexible one, one in which both I and the instrument can move.

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