2. Describing the problem

Describing the problem
I think that violinists are not aware of their body because we arenít usually taught to be. All my life my violin teachers tell me ďYou have no balance.Ē But if I donít know what balance is I cannot have it. Itís like when you tell a child, ďYour bow is falling from your hand, you need to hold it with your pinky finger.Ē He canít do it though. Why? Because he isnít strong enough! You can speak about it for years and still the bow is going to fall. But if you do some exercises for making the pinky stronger, he will have balance in his hand immediately and then he can hold the bow. So donít talk to me about balance! When these kinds of things are said in a very philosophical way they make you even stiffer. Yes, I didnít have balance, but please tell me why? I couldnít understand them!

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