5. Advice & conclusions

If somebody mentioned that they wanted to study at a music conservatory I would recommend a project like this and suggest that they complete it before they started any higher education in music. Then they could just study and wouldn’t have to bother about other things.

If I could buy a special set of chin rests to have on hand for my students to try I would do that, absolutely! But I think that for any changes to be successful you need professional guidance and Alexander Technique lessons. One cannot just put a higher chin rest on somebody if he has never used one. You could only do that if someone has never played before, because then there is no habit yet of shortening the neck.

I think if I were asked to give some advice to people who would like to participate in a similar project, I would tell them to stay calm. Don’t think you’ll never find it. There are times you think you might never get any further. You have to keep going and keep on trying. Every time you’ll discover something new and it becomes more and more refined what you find. Then at a certain moment you’ll have some equipment that suits you nicely. You have to make an effort.

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